TBE buffer (Tris Borate EDTA)


  1. To prepare agarose gel for separating or analyzing DNA fragments.
  2. As electrolyte during electrophoresis of above DNA fragments.

component solubility (g/100ml) (30 ⁰C)
Tris base 50
Boric acid 6.23
EDTA see here

Composition of TBE buffer (10 X, 1litre)

Component Amount 
Tris base 108 g
Boric acid 55 g
0.5 M EDTA 40 ml

Looking at the solubility of boric acid, you can see that preparation of 50X or 100X TBE buffer is not possible.

Working concentration of TBE buffer is 0.5X, i.e. you can prepare agarose gel in 0.5X TBE buffer and also run the gel in 0.5X TBE buffer.


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